Summer Season on the Horizon

8 06 2007

Summer Lineup Pic: here

One month until the summer season shows. Summer has got good potential, from the info I picked up from the internets.

A lot of sequels this season. 3 new arcs for higurashi. I hope they keep animation high this time.

Zero no Tsukaima also gets a season 2. Now with more onee-sama. Code Geass gets 2 more episodes to advertise pizza hut, before their season 2 in the future. Tokyo Majin etc, etc. also gets a sequel.

On the cute side of shows, there’s Moetan. Learning English(or is it engrish?) with cute mascot characters. Also Nanatsuiro Drops, Hgame-turn-anime with magical girls and cuteness.

I have no Idea what Happy Happy Clover is. Tell me if you plan on watching it, lol. Nor do I have info on Potemayo.

Speaking of H-games. School Days. Famous for some gory endings and its loopy story, so to speak. I’d watch it if they retain BAD END sequences, or if they don’t water it down into lame harem fluff.

Some good manga adaptations around. There’s Doujin work. From what I saw, basically comedic slice of life thing with a doujinshi circle. Trailer didn’t help much, but as long as they pull off the manga comedy.

Zombie Loan has a wacky name. Manga by the same people who created Rozen Maiden. Might have action, based on what I’ve heard. There’s also Shigurui, based on a samurai manga aimed at mature audiences. I’d expect something good from that. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei also has good manga advantage, so I hope they don’t screw up with these shows.

Sport anime buffs also get some new shows. Buzzer Beater(probably basketball) and blah blah Umisho(swimming, lol).

Some older stuff revisited with Armored Trooper VOTOMS (80’s mecha show). And on an Older Setting, Baccano! is set in the 1930’s New York. Plus the trailer looked good.

That’s almost everything. Still can’t get confirmation on the Kodomo no Jikan anime set for this summer.If anyone has info on the shows, feel free to share.




4 responses

11 06 2007

congrats on ur first post lolz ^ o ^

ilan kau nagsusulat?

12 06 2007

nice blog!

i’ll try to visit for titles

13 06 2007

I’ll try to contribute something /m/ech-related when I have time/not lazy

15 06 2007
Yukino Silvermaine


Expect more updates.. Even if it’s school season lol

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