Preemptive Measures – July 2007 Anime part 1

8 07 2007

July has begun, therefore we are going to be treated with a whole bunch of new anime. A bit of summary, my impressions and whether I’ll consider blogging these(subject to subs availability, I do not speak moonlanguage). Let’s Start!

Tetsuko no Tabi
A bunch of people get the special privilege to travel with a well renowned train enthusiast to obtain material for their respective literatures. Comedy ensues.

I’d give it a whirl, when I get the chance. I don’t know what kinds of fun one can obtain from train travel. Until I get more info, I can’t say I’m taking this one.

Nanatsuiro Drops

Guy gets turned into a sheep plush toy due to unfortunate circumstances. The only way to get back to normal is to gather 7 star droplets. And for that, you need the help of a magical girl. And you know it wouldn’t be a breeze, because someone wants these drops as well.

New Magical Girl anime based on an H-game. Saw the first episode, which left me with this cliche feeling all over it. Maybe the lack of explosive firepower is making me sad, or maybe this isn’t the most original thing in the world. The chances are low on this one, unless they can pull out something awesome in the next 2 episodes.

Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho

Captain of the swim team, who can’t swim. A girl from the sea, who can swim. Pretty good at it. And swims in the nude. They can’t seem to shake the feeling that one has met the other before. But it doesn’t stop all the antics of the swim team, as well as the swimsuits, or lack thereof.

And now we have anime about swimming. At least it won’t be the tournament type of show. More on relationships, comedy, and of course, fanservice. This show has a lot of that. And does it in a manner that doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable. It doesn’t feel forced, as compared to something like Ikkitousen. Maybe it’s the swimming, giving all the service good reason to exist. Maybe. Good chance on this one, hope for subs.

Buzzer Beater

Aliens are dominating… the sport of basketball. Humans are now a rarity in competitive basketball. A group of humans have decided to remedy that by forming an all-human team to join the league, and win.

Space Jam the anime, anyone? We must beat the physically superior aliens in our own game. I’m not a fan of sports anime with the sport itself as focus. And adding aliens to Slam Dunk isn’t that much of incentive either. So, no. Not taking this.

Zombie Loan

Girl can see death coils on people’s necks(measures of lifespan). Sees 2 guys in her school having odd ones, and finds out that they were supposed to be dead, but bargained for an extra life by hunting down zombies. And they ask for her assistance.

Expects Zombie-killing action. Some deeper plot which I have no idea what it would be. More undead-slaying. I’d give it a shot before a verdict. Art looks interesting enough. Watched an episode. Main character needs to borrow a spine, she squeals a lot.

Doujin Work

A look into the world of doujin circles, guarantees many a laugh. Not much to say on plot, but a lot of punch lines, 4koma based, after all.

It’s short(10 minutes or so per ep). Shouldn’t be taxing watching time. No subs yet. Probably not blogging because jokes work better watched than blogged.

School Days

Harem romance, based on an H-game, very popular due to its BAD END scenarios(whick end in a lot of blood). Love triangle develops between Guy, Girl guy likes, and guy’s female friend who helps guy get girl. If you know what I’m saying.

Well, I’d like to see them use a BAD END, but if properly done, any end would do. I’ll try a few episodes to see if it’s any different from similar themed stuff available.




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