Welcome to Why not blog ourselves. A blog dedicated to whatever I want it to contain. It will probably have a lot of Anime in it, and is its primary purpose. It might contain whatever whims I have as well, but don’t worry about that.

This blog was conceived by a combination of utter boredom, a clutter of ideas, and a pinch of inspiration. I wanted something to do in my free time. I like reading anime blogs. Interesting stuff. Add 2 and 2, and poof! Any person can make a blog anyway, why not do your own. I invited a friend as well to hop along the idea. His 56K connection really sucks for being updated, but I help him out in that department. 2 heads are more than one, and it’d be fun if we conflict in interest on a show(and he can tackle some extra shows as well).

I’m curious as to how people would perceive my ideas, and hope to gain the interest of people. It’s also good practice when I have to write something in the future.

I’m a bit poor, so this is currently a free account. Might not have too many pics. I may have plans though, depends on how this project works out.

There you have it. Hope you enjoy the ride.

-qbfox(that’s short for quickbrownfox. someone beat me to it, but I’m attached to it)

P.S. Feel free to address me as whatever seems easy, I get qbf, fox, kitsune, you name it. Just don’t push it. I also have a real life name. It’s Alvin, lol.

-Yukino Edits here-


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